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This is my public journal. It’s not a blog, I write my thoughts, anything goes. Unfinished or finished. Maybe there are some drawings, maybe something I found, maybe some thoughts, ideas… about anything that may interest me. I’m interested in a life devoted to Christ in all things, and to a healthy degree in other people, communion and company, design, illustration, drawing, dancing, movement, music, automation, pandoc and typesetting automation, systemizing and organizing, tidying, coffee, economics and society, philosophy, history, … It changes on a regular basis.

Also, I’m very hesitant to put my stuff out in the open, even though I read Austin Kleon’s Show your work. ;-)

I’m trying to learn to just put stuff out there, that may be useful to others or I consider valuable myself. You’ll see if it works out by the amount of stuff I post. So far: Very litte (Today is 12. October 2020). The journal is almost empty as of now, and I’m not sure whether the current layout of the journal is useful or smart (How the site is organized). I hope it’ll change and improve over time. But it should be something that I can use quickly, and hopefully will use more often, and that is currently possible thanks to the construction via Hugo.

Maybe I’ll write some stuff in German, some stuff in English, not sure yet how to go about things language-wise.

For my actual hub in terms of web presence, or my online business card or whatever it is at the moment, go to eli-s.at.

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole of my old music production project “Scarvex”, go to my Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

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